24 Jikan Eigyouchuu

24時間恋愛中; In Love For 24 Hours; Nijyuuyo Jikan Renai Chuu; Open For 24 Hours; Nijyuuyo Jikan Eigyou Chuu

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Tennouji Mio Tennouji Mio Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Slice Of Life, Yaoi Completed


From Shinmakoku Scanlations: 1-2) 24 Jikan Eikyou-chuu Nakamichi works in the 24-hour convenience store on Sano's way home from school. Nakamichi is baffled by the amount of lollipops Sano buy everyday! But he gets very used to seeing Sano around, that when suddenly Sano stops showing his face at the store, he misses him! What happens to Sano? And why buy so many lollipops? 3-5) 24 Jikan Renai-chuu Yoshino, an ordinary guy works at a convenience store where he meets a beautiful Yagami-san. He overhears Yagami-san having an argument over the phone with who he assumes is a girlfriend. What will Yoshino do when he sees Yagami drunk and collapsed outside the convenience store, and hears him whisper a guy's name in his sleep? 6-8) Extra: Jikan Eikyou-chuu Reading direction: Right to left 


24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 8
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 7
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 6
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 5
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 4
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 3
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu 2
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