Awasete Ippon

Together They Are One

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Kawamura Mika Kawamura Mika Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Sports Completed


From Manga Freak: Asuka is a typical high school girl with two big loves in her life: Judo, and Kujyo-senpai. One day, Asuka finally gathers up her nerve to confess her feelings to Kujyo-senpai. But before she can do so, a boy from her past transfers to her school and challenges Asuka to a judo match--if he wins, Asuka will have to be his girlfriend for three months. Who is this boy? Will Asuka ever get a chance to confess to Kujyo-senpai? Who will win this match? 


Awasete Ippon 13
Awasete Ippon 12
Awasete Ippon 11
Awasete Ippon 10
Awasete Ippon 9
Awasete Ippon 8
Awasete Ippon 7
Awasete Ippon 6
Awasete Ippon 5
Awasete Ippon 4
Awasete Ippon 3
Awasete Ippon 2
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