Bakuretsu Tenshi

バクレツテンシ; 爆裂天使; Angel's Adolescence; BakuTen; Burst Angel

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Murao Minoru, Gonzo Murao Minoru Action, Ecchi, Shoujo Ai Completed


Meet Takeru, an ordinary boy who's always bullied because of his lack of self-confidence. What will happen when one day two mysterious girls show up in his room seeking shelter from a group of blood-thirsty thugs? Discover the changes in Takeru's life after meeting two girls that are definitely more than what meets the eye in Bakuretsu Tenshi. Alternative Desc: The year is 20XX. Under a Maintenance of Public Order Act, carrying firearms has been permitted to a restricted few. Tokyo has been converted, including major districts such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, and Akihabara. Everyone now suffers a life of oppression and the threat of violence. A mutual opposition in the underground plans to rebel against this malevolent syndicate. However, the people, and their names, as well as their occupations remain unknown. The main characters are... Jo, Meg, Sei, and Amy, four girls. Being energetic teenagers with first-class courage and skills, anyone who stands in their way will be dealt with. The gunfighter`s way. Summary from AniDB 


Bakuretsu Tenshi 16.6
Bakuretsu Tenshi 16.5
Bakuretsu Tenshi 16
Bakuretsu Tenshi 15
Bakuretsu Tenshi 14
Bakuretsu Tenshi 13
Bakuretsu Tenshi 12
Bakuretsu Tenshi 11
Bakuretsu Tenshi 10
Bakuretsu Tenshi 9
Bakuretsu Tenshi 8
Bakuretsu Tenshi 7
Bakuretsu Tenshi 6
Bakuretsu Tenshi 5
Bakuretsu Tenshi 4
Bakuretsu Tenshi 3
Bakuretsu Tenshi 2
Bakuretsu Tenshi 1

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