Break Hands

ブレイクハンズ~星石を継ぐもの~; ブレイクハンズ~星石を継ぐ者~; BREAK-HANDS星石继承者

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Sasaki Minoru Sasaki Minoru Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural Completed


Zan Ruu lived a carefree lifestyle with his military father and brother. However, one day a mysterious airship attacked the capital, and danger approached Princess Emma. Zan hurried to rescue Princess Emma and the thing that appeared before him is......!? To rescue Princess Emma, to seek the truth, the young man started his journey. A fantasy story revealed!!! 


Break Hands 13
Break Hands 12
Break Hands 11
Break Hands 10
Break Hands 9
Break Hands 8
Break Hands 7
Break Hands 6
Break Hands 5
Break Hands 4
Break Hands 3
Break Hands 2
Break Hands 1

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