Coulomb Fille

クーロンフィーユ; 带电少女; Coulomb Girl; Electrified Girl; Kuuron Fiiyu; Kuuron Fuiiyu

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Yoshizuki Kumichi Yoshizuki Kumichi Adventure, Shounen Completed


From ANN: The story follows Kanzō Wakai, a 15-year-old who is considered weird due to his hair which has looked like "dried seaweed" since birth. The boy with the troubled adolescence happens to encounter Noemi Hokari, a mysterious, peculiar girl who believes that she "cannot touch people." Were the "dried seaweed monster" and the "electrified girl" destined to meet? 


Coulomb Fille 14
Coulomb Fille 13
Coulomb Fille 12
Coulomb Fille 11
Coulomb Fille 10
Coulomb Fille 9
Coulomb Fille 8
Coulomb Fille 7
Coulomb Fille 6
Coulomb Fille 5
Coulomb Fille 4
Coulomb Fille 3
Coulomb Fille 2
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