Cross x Regalia

クロス×レガリア; Cross Regalia; CrossxRegalia

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Sanda Makoto Nariie Shinichirou Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural Completed


On the corner of Chinatown, the two of them crossed, The boy name is Inumi Haserou, high-school bodyguard who takes 1000 yen for each trouble; the girl name is Nata, self-styled Sage who mysteriously collapsed in the back alley. Deciding to protect Nata, Haserou would have to face the sudden change in his daily peaceful lives, as a group of Vampiric being who consumed people Ki, called [Demonic Sage] starts to attack them. Their purpose: to hunt Nata, who holds the key as the powerful weapons capable of turning them powerless! Comicalization of a new series written by the Author of Rental Magica, starts here! 


Cross x Regalia 16
Cross x Regalia 15
Cross x Regalia 14
Cross x Regalia 13
Cross x Regalia 12
Cross x Regalia 11
Cross x Regalia 10
Cross x Regalia 9
Cross x Regalia 8
Cross x Regalia 7
Cross x Regalia 6
Cross x Regalia 5
Cross x Regalia 4
Cross x Regalia 3
Cross x Regalia 2
Cross x Regalia 1

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