Cyber Idol Mink

電脳少女(サイバーアイドル)・Mink; 電脳少女☆Mink; 電脳少女Mink; Dennoshojo Mink; Mink

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Tachikawa Megumi Tachikawa Megumi Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural Completed


From Tokyopop: When Mink rushes to buy the latest CD by her favorite pop star, Illiya, she winds up instead with a software disc from the future that allows her to become whomever she wants. When she and her friends decide to program a Cyber Idol version of herself, all Mink's dreams come true. In fact, she is soon discovered as the next 'It Girl' and causes quite the pop culture sensation. However, Mink cannot reveal her true identity to anyone because using software from the future is a serious crime--and being caught could result in her 'deletion.' 


Cyber Idol Mink 6
Cyber Idol Mink 5
Cyber Idol Mink 4
Cyber Idol Mink 3
Cyber Idol Mink 2
Cyber Idol Mink 1

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