Dame Dame Daring

だめだめダーリン; 魔法梦之恋; Dame Dame Darling; Magical Dream Romance; Meng zhi Lian Mofa; No, No, Darling

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Amane Yuko Amane Yuko Comedy, Mature, School Life, Shoujo Completed


Fuka is crazy about Haruka, her senior whom she loved at first sight. It is said, however, that Haruka is cursed by Fate, and if he had sex, he could break the spell. Is it true, Haruka!? 


Dame Dame Daring 3
Dame Dame Daring 2.6
Dame Dame Daring 2.5
Dame Dame Daring 2
Dame Dame Daring 1

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