Diamond Head


Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s) Status
Mizushiro Setona Mizushiro Setona Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy Completed


Ichihashi Nanao is an incredibly bright girl and the first to ever transfer into Mehabia Catholic School. The one God here, though, is the "Judicature Club," a school-sanctioned means of resolving student disputes. Its president and judge is the first person Nanao meets--Hanegi Raika, a handsome boy who looks like a girl. This highly selective club wants Nanao as a member, but while she may be unwilling to judge others, she may have no choice when she herself is judged. 


Diamond Head 16.2
Diamond Head 16.1
Diamond Head 15
Diamond Head 14
Diamond Head 13
Diamond Head 12
Diamond Head 11
Diamond Head 10
Diamond Head 9
Diamond Head 8
Diamond Head 7.2
Diamond Head 7
Diamond Head 6
Diamond Head 5
Diamond Head 4
Diamond Head 3
Diamond Head 2
Diamond Head 1

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